Awareness Campaign

Set of animated illustrations for the Pfizer brand that report a history of awareness and alert for “atrial fibrillation”, being one of the causes of stroke, and if properly diagnosed and treated may contribute to avoiding episodes.




01. Sequels

The grandfather is reunited with his family and, through the gestures that he uses to communicate with the grandchildren, we can see that he has sequels of a stroke.

02. Stroke

We stepped back in time … and, out of the house and with no one around, he had the first episode, that vision show us what happened to him on the day of his stroke.

03. Family

The family on the day of his stroke has unaware of the situation and try to contact with hospitals and police stations to know if something happened.

04. Hospital

In the Hospital he shares with us through his vision where he is and what is happening.

05. Atrial fibrillation

Finally, we see the patient in the ophthalmologist where he discovers that he has “Atrial Fibrillation” – the main cause for his stroke.

Take the screening exam and keep this chronic life-threatening disease from ever surprising you in the future.