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Creating Brandman

We want to create with the heart – create projects which engage, excite and change the world for the greater good. In every project, we give the very best of us, each and every time. That’s why we are Brandman, the union between the brand and the man, the human side. As we do with our clients, we help each other and all creative members add value to the projects in hand and achieve effective results.

01. Logotype – To express our values, we choose the B and the human form, using geometric shapes. It’s not just the initial of our brand, each shape have a double meaning, that represents our main areas: illustration, design and photography.

02. Colors – “The subject of color seems to have almost endless ramifications and to touch upon life in almost every quarter, for color is rich in lore, rich in meaning and purpose.” – Faber Birren

Strength, trust and reliability are important characteristics to us. Blue is associated with the sky and the ocean, which both evoke feelings of tranquility and security. A balance between light and dark colors to expresses our positive and energetic side.

03. Our Mission – Our mission is human-centered, connecting brands with people.
With a meaningful aesthetic design and strong narratives, we help brands and their people to find themselves for continual growth or reinvention.

04. Our Principle – We join forces with our clients to understand their true needs. Working together and combining our skills, we prescribe custom creative solutions to improve their business.

05. So, what we do? We do Brand Therapy – Get your brand in shape with Brandman! We first diagnose and then prescribe a solution. With Brand Therapy, we humanize your brand to get healthy, strong with a powerful message and visual.

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