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Delta Coffee’s Case Study

It started in a funny way as a ritual every morning before I start working on illustrations for my clients. While I drank my morning coffee, sometimes I would imagine different realities, environments, and characters. Maybe the usual morning in an artist’s head. Then, inspired by those thoughts I created incredible stories in my mind about my daily coffee routine and I chose to share with other people.

I picked the brand I was drinking to illustrate these tiny people – Delta, a Portuguese well appreciated and known coffee brand. Very fast became something more, a pleasant way to publicity my work and the brand itself. A pleasant form to tell funny histories trough my art to approach others who, like me, start their day with a Delta Coffee. And that it’s the funniest thing, there isn’t a better way to publicity a brand like by consuming it to understanding it. That’s the key to create a true relationship with the public and reach engagement.

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